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clean burning,
long lasting


Emanating love

Dark Rose + Labdanum

Choose the scent, alter your vibration

Create a unique ambience in each room of your home by layering scents.

I'm in love with my Morningstar candles! I have nothing but good things to say about this company...
Erick Battle
Morningstar Chandlery has definitely changed my experience with candles...
Danielle Carroll
My absolute favorite is Man Cave. It smells amazing and burns for a very long time.
Derrick Declouiet
I love the entire vibe from Morningstar Chandlery! The candles smell amazing and I love the positivity!
Linda Simon
I was hooked by the presentation! And the candle smelled amazing! Perfect way to unwind after a long day.
Megan Singleton
Blithe and Bobo smell amazing. Try them you won't be disappointed.
Miranda B
Blossom is a delicate floral scent that made its presence known in my bedroom, and the two wick candle burned for a long time.
S Nguyen
This candle smells so AMAZING! I lit it then took a shower. When I got back into my bedroom the scent had already filled the room. Very fresh and light. Gives a Nice clean burn.
Bobo is a warm blanket on a chill night. A sweet creamy latte anytime of the day. It’s your favorite book that you’ll never forget. Just happy feelings all around.
These are all components of an “Amazbomb” scent!
I love the aroma of this candle! It takes your mind straight into the arms of a strong, dominant, well-dressed great smelling man of your dreams. The smell is subtle and not over powering but it lingers throughout the room. It’s that fragrance that makes your head turn when a man walks by and you say “what is that you’re wearing?” I love it! It’s inviting and seductive! It can change your whole mood. Can’t wait to try more scents from Morningstar Chandlery!