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Be the light

Be the light

If you're reading this, you're probably curious about what I am referring to. For me, being the light involves practicing kindness, understanding, truth, patience, and inclusion. These are the things that I hope to see in the world and I have come to realize that I first have to be what I expect to see from others. Morningstar Chandlery exists because I wanted to find a way to spread the love, joy, and peace that I have with others.

I am a Christian, but that does not mean I want to force my beliefs on any of you. I just want the world to know what God's love looks like. My hope is that every person who chooses to support Morningstar Chandlery accepts the invitation to practice kindness, patience, and understanding. The world needs as much of it as it can possibly receive. 

Be the light.


Morningstar Chandlery

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